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Welcome to Ch. Devi Lal College of Ayurveda
C.D.L. College of Ayurveda was the greatest need of this north east sector of Haryana. It is globally known that Ayurveda is in the sence of mankind from the very beginning of this universe & for all living being of total 300 geographical space. Pt. Ram Swaroop Ji, Chairman of this institution is a very kind hearted, open mind, long sighted personality gave the actual shape of his animations for the good cause of this sector stared this institution in the year 2002 in a very small campus; the spiritual place of Bhagwan Parshuram Mandir, Ambala Road, Jagadhri.

Now the college has been shifted in a ultra-infrastructure well developed grand building in all Private Ayuredic College else where in Haryana. It is located in north east belt on Buria Village Road approximate 4 km from Jagadhri general bus stand, 8 km. from main Railway Station, Jagadhri and km in west from Buria Gurudwara towards Jagadhri. It has got all ultramodern scientific facilities to impart best & vast knowledge to the Ayurvedic Medical Students learning in this institution and provide the best future security to the students so that they may not stand will on four lane place to look what to do now or what not to do.

Education in Ayurved has a rich tradition. It was taught in the University of TAKSHASHILA and NALANDA in ancient times the golden era of Ayurved. However, it suffered a set back during medieval period and more to during British rule in India. Fortunately, Ayurved has received a new impetus after independence and is on its way to revival.

AYURVEDA as the world has been moving away from nature. It is facing various health hazards including diseases like AIDS etc. in spite of tremendous advancement in modern medical science, Ayurved, which is a medical science embracing nature as well as a philosophy of life a way of living, is being recognized as the potential system of medicine all over the world. We find a logical approach towards health and diseases in Classical texts of Ayurved viz. Charak Samhita (Medical Text), Sushrut Samhita (surgical text) and Ashtang Sangrah (Compendium on eight branches of Ayurved). Several Ayurvedic Texts have been translated into various languages of the world, particularly German and English, World Health Organization (WHO) and World Health Assembly adopted resolutions urging different countries to give adequate importance to the utilization of their respective traditional systems of medicine.
For admissions and other enquiries about courses please contact:
B.A.M.S.: 9416173345
B. Pharmacy: 8222866123
D. El. Ed., B. Ed. & M. Ed.: 9413134658, 9017534658
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